This Is the New Long-Lasting Lippie That Celebs Love

You should know by now that we’re preeetty into lip trends. From holographic puckers to geode lips, we’ve tried ‘em all. Some might say we’re on an eternal quest for the next best long-lasting lipstick - and they’d be correct - but it’s all worth it when we come across something totally amazing. Senegence LipSense is just that. When’s the last time you heard of lipstick lasting up to 18 hours? This ultra long-wear formula promises to keep your pout perfectly painted for almost a full freakin’ day! And did we mention that both Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Aniston are fans? NBD. If that’s not enough to make you pull the trigger, here are a few more reasons why LipSense is about to be your next beauty obsession.

1. LipSense Liquid Lip Color : Not only is this formula waterproof, kiss-proof and smudge-proof, but it’s also vegan, non-GMO and wax free! This hydrating long-wear lippie keeps your pucker kissably soft - just ask Christina and Jen. Plus, it comes in an insane variety of colors and textures. You can even mix different shades to create new looks. So with 88 individual shades - and three limited-edition holiday hues — the options are endless. One tube legit lasts six months, and that’s if you use it every day. With so many stunning hues, we doubt you’re going to stick to one shade all the time. But who knows, you might get hooked on Blu-Red (a la Christina).